“Carey Mulligan is one of the most compelling stage actresses of her generation. The audience is unconditionally hers.”The New York Times
“Be prepared to be rocked to the core. Words can’t truly capture just how thrilling, shattering and simply phenomenal Carey Mulligan is. Seeing is believing.”New York Daily News
“Carey Mulligan delivers an unforgettable performance. For anyone interested in stage acting, your attendance is mandatory.”The Hollywood Reporter

They met at an airport and fell for each other. But in time, they would meet their fate as it all falls apart. A pulse-pounding new play from Tony Award®-winning playwright Dennis Kelly takes you on a journey that is at once provocative, gripping and gutwrenching. Don't miss this masterpiece that the London Telegraph calls, "A devastating tour de force from Carey Mulligan." Time Out London cheers: "Lyndsey Turner's production is a knock-out. A Hollywood megastar holding her own in an experimental but somehow also massively crowd-pleasing show—this is pretty rare."

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