★★★★★ Carey Mulligan is extraordinary in Dennis Kelly’s gripping new play.” - THE LONDON OBSERVER READ FULL ARTICLE
★★★★★ A devastating tour de force from Carey Mulligan.” - THE LONDON TELEGRAPH READ FULL ARTICLE
★★★★★ One of those plays where you could hear a pin drop as the audience collectively holds its breath. Carey Mulligan’s control of the narrative is astonishing, and she is much aided by Lyndsey Turner’s meticulous production.” - LONDON THEATRE READ FULL ARTICLE
Lyndsey Turner’s production is a knock-out. A Hollywood megastar holding her own in an experimental but somehow also massively crowd-pleasing show–this is pretty rare.” - TIME OUT LONDON READ FULL ARTICLE
A piece that takes us on an extraordinary journey... The energy and the vividness of the writing never lets up. Carey Mulligan is suburb.” - THE INDEPENDENT READ FULL ARTICLE
Carey Mulligan has a luminous and unusual stage presence, an ability to seem both quiet and purposeful, both elfin and steely…Transfixing.” - LONDON EVENING STANDARD READ FULL ARTICLE
An extraordinary performance… Carey Mulligan plays it with the skill and timing of a stand-up comic.  Es Devlin provides the most extraordinary sets, which appear at intervals, real rooms bleached out to the same sky-blue colour as the front-stage space, with occasional objects picked out in sharp reds and oranges, like the flecks of memory.” - WHATSONSTAGE READ FULL ARTICLE